Fly curtains have unlimited uses apart from being the best solution – in quality price terms – to keep hygiene, ventilation and let the sunlight in without insects. In addition, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, resistant to rain, oxidation and they have at the same time a modern and decorative design.

So, where fly curtains can be used?

At home: replacing doors, dividing rooms, in the kitchen for hygiene.

At work: entrance doors of any commerce to maintain the free from insects and for respecting hygienic conditions. Also on establishments were food is manipulated, in order to remove insects avoiding the use of chemical products.

Camping : to keep the insects outside without renouncing to the fresh air (caravan, auto caravan, bungalow…).

Marketing tool: originality, freshness and innovation are really important nowadays in marketing strategies, so by making logos for companies, advertising on roads and on the street, on commercial centres, etc. With commercial purposes, industrial and also for exhibition.

Reduce the air conditioning use during nice weather and breath fresh air from the outside. SUMACE fly curtains will provide cross ventilation and will create a refreshing breeze saving money and energy. It allows enter and exit pets without any concern!